I have created a simple label tool which can be used from inside VS for creating labels in multiple languages once configured. It can be used to create multiple labels at one go.

It includes a simple batch file which has the text below. This asks the user for two labels one in English(US) and other in NL language for a single LabelID and appends them to the corresponding label files.

This is an example for 2 languages which can be extended for multiple languages simply.

Code for setup

@echo off
set answer=y
if %answer% == y (
echo --Enter LabelID
set /p LabelID=
echo --Enter en-US label value
set /p LabelValue=
echo --Enter nl label value
set /p NL_LabelValue=

) else (

    goto :endfor

echo %LabelID%=%LabelValue% >> "K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\XYZExtension\XYZ Extension\AxLabelFile\LabelResources\en-US\XYZ.en-US.label.txt"
echo %LabelID%=%NL_LabelValue% >> "K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\XYZExtension\XYZ Extension\AxLabelFile\LabelResources\nl\XYZ.nl.label.txt"

echo Do you want to continue? y/n?
set /p answer=
goto :loop

It can be saved as a .bat file and added as a tool to the VS as follows,

You can copy the folder to your Dev machine like below.

Now in Visual Studio go to Tools > External Tools 

Add new tool.

So next time you want to create a new label click LabelTool