In AX 2012 we had a code snippet where in a new method we could just type ‘parm’ and a window would show up to enter EDT and the variable name.


2018-08-24 22_37_25-Dynamics Ax Musings_ Code Snippets in AX 2012

We do not have something similar in VS.

I have created a small command prompt tool for this.

Follow the steps,

  • Unzip the folder Parm attached below and place it on your DEV VM Desktop. So the folder looks like given in the screenshot.

Download Parm folder from here

2018-08-24 22_43_05-Clipboard


  • Run the bat file ‘NewParmMethod’ which would open a command prompt window.
  • Type in the EDT name and press enter


  • Then type the variable name required


  • When you press enter the parm method is created and copied to the clipboard so that it can be easily pasted to the Visual studio code editor.

2018-08-24 22_50_43-Untitled - Notepad





  •  Additionally the tool can be added as a custom menu in VS like below and the command line will open from inside VS.

2018-08-24 22_59_22-Clipboard

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