This is a very useful tool for X++ debugging in VS. As we attach the same process everytime we want to debug our code i.e. w3wp.exe why not use a button to do this?

Solution: Tool from MS called Reattach

2018-08-16 14_37_54-ReAttach - Visual Studio Marketplace

It can be downloaded from below.

After it is installed you need to re-open the VS before you could see the button. It is available but enabled only when Attach to Process is done once the traditional way from Debug menu.

2018-08-16 14_42_29-Rahr7.3U12Latest on DCT-RTAT - Virtual Machine Connection

You could also BUILD your solution before every time you start your debug using the below option.

2018-08-16 14_46_46-Rahr7.3U12Latest on DCT-RTAT - Virtual Machine Connection