Sometimes it is required that a package has to be deleted after it is deployed to the cloud environments which could be even the UAT and PROD. A typical case could happen if you were using an ISV solution before and you no longer use it and have to uninstall from the cloud environments as well.

But the challenge is, while you can easily delete the package on the DEV machine and check-in the model and descriptor deletion via the VSTS, the metadata and the .dlls of the package may still remain in the cloud environments which could result in BUILD errors. These errors may be due to objects from the package which is no longer required.

For this Microsoft has suggested a solution. Once you have the deployable package either by creating it manually from visual studio or by the Automated BUILD. You can do the following steps.

  • Create a text file call “ModuleToRemove.txt” and put it into the AOSService\Scripts folder of the deployable zip package.
  • In the text file, put in the name of the module you want to remove, for example – “ABCModule”
  • Zip up the package and upload into the asset library on LCS,
  • Choose the environment on LCS Cloud environments and apply the package to it.