We were facing an issue where the value sent by an xml from external source was not getting updated for a particular field. Things learnt:

  • The tags of the xml are case sensitive. So <Root>, <root> and <ROOT> are 3 different tags.
  • The order of the tags also is important which should also match with the order of the incoming xml message. The tags with Caps are ordered first and then the tags with small letters. For example-





  • If the tag name in the custom data contract parm method is not specified then the method name is used in the schema as the tag name.
  • Get the schema for custom web service using the below steps at
  • https://axactive.com/2016/09/23/get-the-schemaxsd-for-custom-web-service-ax-2012/
  • To get the xml message which is received by the port activate the logging on the inbound port and xml’s saved can be viewed in AifDocumentLog form.loggin

Please comment if you need any help.